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Posted 2/18/19

Model PLC​​​​​​​One of About 200 Schools and Districts in the US and Canada to Receive This Honor

Fremont, CA. February 18, 2019, Solution Tree recently recognized Brookvale Elementary School in Fremont Unified School District for its sustained success in raising student achievement. The school’s successful implementation of the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process was a major contributing factor in the improved achievement of its students.

PLCs are schools and districts in which educators recognize the key to improved learning for students is on-going, jobembedded learning for the adults who serve those students. The three big ideas of a PLC call upon educators to:

1. Focus on learning.
2. Build a collaborative culture.
3. Create a results orientation.

Responding to news of the recognition, Cindy Hicks-Rodriguez said, “This is an honor and a privilege for our school to be named a PLC Model School. Our school community has been working diligently to ensure that the cycle of collaborative inquiry has been a part of everything we do at the school. Our staff has embraced this professional journey of collaborative practices and improving student achievement is at the heart of everything we do at Brookvale.”

Schools are recognized based on strict criteria, including demonstration of a commitment to PLC concepts, implementation of these concepts for at least three years, and clear evidence of improved student learning over that period. Once measurable results can be seen, the school must explain its practices, structures, and culture and submit its application for consideration by the PLC Review Committee.

According to the Champions of PLC at Work™, educators in the schools and districts selected for this recognition have shown “a sustained commitment to helping all of their students achieve at high levels. They have been willing to alter the structure and culture of the organization to reflect their commitment. We applaud them and congratulate them for achieving this very significant milestone on the never-ending PLC journey.”

Recognized model PLC schools are listed on, where they share implementation strategies, structures, and performance with other educators interested in improving their schools. Tools for team collaboration, articles and research about PLCs, blog posts, and other related resources are also available on the site. The site was developed and is maintained by Solution Tree, a leading provider of educational strategies and tools that improve staff and student performance.

For more than 20 years,Solution Tree resources have helped K–12 teachers and administrators create schools where all children succeed.