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DELAC: District English Learner Advisory Committee
Posted 9/13/19

DELAC provides a forum for parents/guardians to advise, assist and provide recommendations to District administration and the Board of Education for the continuing improvement of programs, services, and policies for English learners and their families.  Brookvale School is looking for an interested parent representative to serve on this important committee.


DELAC informs parent representatives so they can take the information back to the school site.  Topics that will be addressed this year include: Understanding ELPAC Data, Student Reclassification, ELD Requirements, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) funding for English learners, LCAP Input, Seal of Biliteracy, English Learner Road map, Categorical Program Monitoring and compliance.


All DELAC meetings are open to the public. The Committee is composed of ELAC representatives from each of FUSD schools with 21 or more English Learners. The DELAC will advise the District Leadership and/or  Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to the EL Master Plan, district wide needs, intervention programs, professional development, and any other language needs pertaining to English learners.


Please contact the Brookvale School office if you are interested in serving as our ELAC representative!


DELAC MEETINGS 2019/2020*:


October 7, 2019 Time: 6:00 pm 

December 9, 2019 Time: 6:00 pm 

February 10, 2020 Time: 6:00 pm 

May 11, 2020 Time: 6:00 pm 


*All meetings are held in the Central Meeting Room, 4210 Technology Dr.