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The 15th Annual Run 4 Education Will Be Coming to Quarry Lakes Park on Sunday, October 27, 2019
Posted 10/7/19

It isn’t too late to register for this fun event. All funds raised go directly to the Fremont Education Foundation Guy Emanuele Sports Fund.  The run start and Family Expo will be at Quarry Lakes Regional Park (2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA 94536).


Everyone who registers for this run brings us closer to our goal of having Brookvale students, parents and staff members representing Brookvale School!  All schools participating will receive money back for each registration, and the best part is that anyone can register on behalf of Brookvale—so get your uncles, aunts, grandparents, neighbors, etc. to register today!


Each school that has 1 – 50 participants will receive $100

Each school that has 51 – 100 participants will receive $200

Each school that has over 100 participants will receive $300


See for more information and to register!