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Volunteer Opportunities


Brookvale emphasizes and supports the use of parent volunteers within the school community while ensuring the safety of all students at Brookvale. Parents offering to assist a teacher in the classroom will be asked to complete a parent volunteer form after speaking directly with the classroom teacher and return the form to the to the classroom teacher for processing. The intent of the contract is to develop a process for using Parent volunteers in the classroom while promoting effective communications with the Brookvale staff. School safety is a top priority. By keeping track of parents who have agreed to work in classrooms, we can ensure that every adult who is on campus should be on campus. 

We thank you for your support with this safety endeavor and look forward to working with you on a volunteer basis at Brookvale!

Parent Volunteer Expectations for Brookvale Elementary School are cleary stated on the Volunteer Contract.  Below are a few examples of expectations:

  • All information that a parent comes across in the classroom is considered confidential and should not be discussed with other students, parents or staff outside of the classroom environment.
  • For safety reasons, parents who volunteer at Brookvale should sign into the office and obtain a badge prior to assisting in the classroom. This alerts school personnel that you are on campus and aides us in locating all adults on campus in the event of an emergency or disaster.
  • Parents should not bring other children onto campus with them while volunteering. This is FUSD Board Policy as this practice could lead to safety issues and jeopardize the quality of instruction within the classroom.
  • Parents are important in the classroom and we encourage kind, positive and enthusiastic comments and actions by all Brookvale community members. Please be aware that anything adults say or do is observed by children.

The success of a school is directly related to PARENT INVOLVEMENT! We encourage parental engagement and welcome our parent volunteers to join us in our mission to support our students both academically and socially. Besides volunteering in the classroom, FUSD and Brookvale School offer other opportunities for parent involvment.  Please continue to watch for opportunies to participate by checking the school and district website regularly.