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School Community Description

Brookvale Elementary School was built in 1972 and modernized in 1996.  In the summer of 2008 the school has undergone some renovations to make the school more energy efficient and to provide the outside of the school with added beautification.   Our school has four buildings of six classrooms each, five portables, one office building and a multi-purpose room.  We have a large field, blacktop space and two play structures for recess time.  Various community groups use our facilities after school and on weekends. 

We have 4 kindergarten teachers, 3 Transitional Kindergarten teachers, 4 first grade teachers, 2 second grade teachers, 3 third grade teachers, 2 fourth grade teachers, 3 fifth grade teachers, and 3 sixth grade teachers.  We also have 3 Special Day classes which consist of one TK/K classroom, one 1/2 grade classroom and one 5/6 grade classroom.
We also have a speech pathologist, a resource teacher, a school psychologist, two custodians, one office clerk, one school secretary and a school nurse who is on campus 1 day per week.  Within our special education classes we have the support of 8 Para professionals who provide additional assistance to our teachers and students. 
We offer a Gifted and Talented Education program and various intervention programs to help meet the academic needs of all students.  There is a privately run after-school day care facility to help parents. 
The current school Principal, Cindy Hicks-Rodriguez has served as the Brookvale Principal for the last 10 years.  Brookvale School has improved their API scores over 100 points in 10 years.  During the 2009 STAR testing year, Brookvale improved their overall school API score by 39 points in one school year and during 2010 STAR testing the school improved 3 API points.  During the 2011-12 school year Brookvale improved their API scores by 41 points.   The schools current API score is 905 which makes them a high performing school.   
Brookvale school has a very diverse student population and allows students multiple opportunities to participate in extracurricular and multicultural activities.   The parent population at Brookvale is extremely supportive of the school culture and takes a vested interest in school events and school sponsored activities. Brookvale is part of a Professional Learning Community whereby ALL teachers collaborate on a consistent basis to improve student learning.