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Homework Policy & Classroom Rules

Students are given homework Monday-Thursday.

  • Students are expected to copy down the homework EVERYDAY in their homework planner. Homework calendars are stamped the next day for completion. Homework planners and homework calendars should be kept in the homework folder and taken home DAILY. Homework calendars will be collected at the end of the month.
  • Reading logs are checked and collected monthly.
  • Beginning in October, reading logs will be collected once a month.

Homework is due back completed the next morning when the kids enter the classroom. It is important that your child does as much homework independently as possible. Please do not complete the homework for your scholar. In the case where your child is struggling, please notify me so I can provide extra support during class to review. Homework is corrected as a class together the next day.

Homework Schedule

  • Monday-1 math page, 1 ELA page, reading log
  • Tuesday-online assignment, reading log
  • Wednesday-Family Fun Night jot notes, reading log
  • Thursday-1 math or ELA page, reading log

Stamp for completion

  • Turned in on time
  • All work completed (or best attempt and a note from parent/guardian indicating struggles)
  • Completed by the child

No stamp for completion

  • Homework is late.
  • Homework is not done or only partially done, with no parent note.
  • Completed by another person.


1. Show Respect

2. Make Good Decisions

3. Solve Problems