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Supply List

Second Grade
Voluntary monetary donations or gift cards to Amazon, Target, Michaels, or Walmart will always be accepted. Any amount would be appreciated or please purchase the following items. 

• earphones or headphones in a ziplock bag with student name

• Tissue boxes

• Watercolor (Crayola/8)
• Crayons (Crayola/24 pack)
• Colored Pencils (Crayola/12 pack)
• Ticonderoga Pencils- (Glitter pencils or pencils wrapped in plastic with pictures on them will
break our pencil sharpeners; not mechanical)
• 1 pkg. Unscented baby wipes
• Glue Sticks -small size glue sticks (Whole class use)
• Expo Markers-Thin tip (Whole class use)

Optional- Whole class use
• Yellow Highlighters
• Black Paper Mate FLAIR Pens
• Blue Ballpoint Pens
• Ziploc Bags Box- Gallon or Quart with Zipper lock 
• Colored printer paper 
• 1 ream of printer paper 
• Playground balls