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Teacher Bio

BlossMy name is Karissa Bloss.  (The "i" says "ee"!) 

This is my fourth year teaching at Brookvale, (4th grade all four years, and loving it!) 

Before Brookvale I taught first grade at Wardlaw Elementary - a school in Vallejo, CA.  I loved it, but quickly learned that my talents as a teacher are best suited for older students- and I so appreciate my independent, mature 4th graders! 

Before moving to California in 2015 I was teaching English in Busan, South Korea! I was there for three years, and it was the best experience of my life! I taught grades K-6 while there.

I'm originally from Oregon, and received my Bachelor's in Educational Studies from the University of Oregon, (GO DUCKS!) with a minor in special education, and my Master's in Teaching from Pacific University.  (I'm sad to not be in the classroom this fall for college football season- I always get my students very excited about watching the Oregon Ducks play on the weekends, it's "mandatory" weekend homework! Ha!) 

I love that I get to spend my days with 30 unique, bright, little people every day! Every year is different, and every day is different; I'm so thankful to have a career that keeps me moving and thinking and engaged; always!