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Resources Page / Donations

thanksThe most important items are in BOLD, and the items that we need donations of all throughout the year are starred;  ***. Thank you so much! 

(If you would like to send extra of any items it is much appreciated! Those items would go in to a general class donation bin and be used to through out the year by other students in need.) 

Please keep an eye out for a link to our class Amazon Wish list; as I get closer to coming back from maternity leave I will be adding supplies we need and sending out a link. Thank you! 

4th Grade Supply List - Mrs. Bloss:

Personal items:

Small pencil/supply box

1-2 Plain 3-ring Binders 1 ½ inch (plain, no designs)

Two packs of dividers (paper. To be written on with pencil.)

2-3 durable plastic homework folders (with inside pockets)

2-3 in-class folders (with prongs)

Colored pens

2-3 spiral notebooks

Communal Class Items:

24 pk Crayola crayons

12 pk Crayola colored pencils

10 pk Crayola markers

#2 pencils

Pink pencil topper erasers

Post-it notes***

Black Sharpie pens

2-3 boxes Kleenex***

Glue sticks/Elmer’s glue

2-3 pkgs binder paper and/or graph paper

1 box ziplock sandwich or quart size bags

2-3 containers baby wipes*** (no disinfectant wipes allowed.)

hand sanitizer***


Optional Communal Class Items:

White Cardstock paper

Multi-colored copy paper***